Building an offshore team with agile

One question that I receive more frequently is how agile software development works with an offshore team. I get this questions from either people already doing agile and thinking of building out a team, or those that are very much involved in outsourcing and are thinking of crossing to the […] Read more »

Collison path of Eastern European outsourcing

Several weeks ago I posted an article about issues of Indian outsourcing. As soon as that blog was posted I received a  number of questions and comments. Some were public and many were sent privately. Some accused me of unfairly painting the picture, while others agreed with me. A number of those […] Read more »

Why India outsourcing is Doomed

Indian IT outsourcing has become a commodity business with no innovation and nothing to offer other than questionable rate savings. This not an attempt to write a scientific paper or predict future. This simply an opinion I have formed based on 15+ years of working with various providers in India and all over the […] Read more »

Improve outsourcing communications with technology.

In today’s world and with the existing technology there should not be any excuses not to solve the problem of communication with your offshore teams. Communication, being the number one complain for most offshore engagements, is the first issue you should tackle. Do you communicate with your offshore team by email? Do you send […] Read more »