Building an offshore team with agile

One question that I receive more frequently is how agile software development works with an offshore team. I get this questions from either people already doing agile and thinking of building out a team, or those that are very much involved in outsourcing and are thinking of crossing to the […] Read more »

Managers vs. Leaders – it’s all about personality

Frequently I am faced with a questions that somehow boils down to a difference between a manager and a leader. Sometimes the question is asked of me and at times I ask others the same. This question can easily become a matter of semantics and a political landmine. To me […] Read more »

Recruiting – Simplified

As managers we are under a constant pressure to hire. Having right people is what allows us to get our job done. This pressure comes from all sides – customers, managers, and other employees. Right fit, technical skills, seniority, salary requirements, and personality – all of this makes it for […] Read more »